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Website Development
Compared to attracting a new customer through advertising or conventional forms of marketing, web sites are surprisingly low-cost. Search engines, referrals and the vast linking mechanics of the World Wide Web provide higher dimensions and diversity unimaginable in a storefront setting.

Burns Technologies specialize in everything from creating brand new sites from the ground up, to complete makeovers. We can take an existing web site and transform it into a more productive, attractive and profitable business.

Burns Technologies can work with content you provide or design a complete custom site for you. Using our own web site implementation, we let you control the information you want shown on your site through our administration tool. This eliminates waiting on Burns Technologies to post your changes, you can see the site update in real time.

We have the capability to handle all aspects of your web site from design and hosting to promotion and maintenance. This offers you the convenience of keeping all aspects of your web site under one roof and in the hands of a company you can trust.

Let us help you build your next site and show you how we can increase your audience while giving you all the tools to manage your content.

For more information about creating web sites, please contact us at info@burnstech.com