Burns Technologies, a High Point, North Carolina based company, provides technology solutions specializing in web development and e-Commerce. We also provide custom application solutions and document imaging & management.

Founded in 2000, Burns Technologies has been developing applications to help businesses reduce cost, increase efficiency and market exposure. We use the latest development tools to minimize development time and maximize your return on investment.

Burns Technologies specializes in helping companies identify business or manufacturing processes that can benefit from applying the latest technology tools, giving you a competitive advantage in your market.

We work with you to understand your problems and layout a solution that will reduce your cost and ownership of an ineffective process or design a completely new system from the ground up.

Take a look at our technology suite and see if we can help your company become more productive.
Website Development

Having a web presence increases your market exposure. Let us help you design a site that will fit your needs, attract new customers and increase revenue.

Burns Technologies has developed its own e-Commerce engine using the latest technology tools. We specialize in creating sites with large amounts of product data and provide a suite of utilities to let you manage your product information. Come take a look at what we can offer your business.
Custom Application Development

Today's companies need a competitive advantage in the market place. We have extensive experience utilizing the latest development tools to create applications that can reduce cost.

Document Imaging is becoming a standard for document retrieval and storage. Let us help you reduce storage cost and increase document retrival time by moving an online document management system.